Film producer

Are you looking for a movie producer for your video or movie? At film production company Eminence Kasima we can produce a professional and unique movie for you. We improve your weaknesses and transform them into strengths that we promote in a movie format

A movie producer who captures the ambience

Do you need a company movie or a movie for your wedding? With Eminence Kasima as your movie producer, you can remember your special day uniquely. Usually, weddings are remembered by the many photos a photographer shoots to capture special moments. We can complete these photos into a movie, which can capture even more of the ambience of your special day. As experienced movie producers, we can uniquely capture special moments, such as ceremonies, birthdays and weddings. We can also shoot your corporate movie that will suit your marketing, interviews or any other type of movie you wish to obtain.

Eminence Kasima, your movie producer

We offer a very realistic price for a few standard options of our video and movie packages for a movie producer. Our prices vary based on the maximum media capacity that your video or movie will be. For all our videos and movies, we will provide the complete work of a movie producer, so you will receive a video or movie that is ready to be viewed and shared. We will film and edit it so that it will reflect your memories beautifully. Do you want to hire Eminence Kasima as your movie producer? Please take a look at our realistic prices in the list below.

  • Photographer € 275,50 + no VAT
  • Video Clips € 385,50 + no VAT
  • Movie € 975,50 + 21% VAT
  • Wedding € 975,50 + 21% VAT

The movie producer for every video and movie

Although we have standard media capacity options, it is always possible to get your movie made to your specific wishes. Additionally, our producing activities are not limited to filming memorable moments for you. We can also create a corporate movie for your company or make an artistic movie. For example, you can view several of our movies on our website. If you would like Eminence Kasima to be your movie producer, please contact us. With our experience in movie production, we can look at the possibilities together and produce a good movie for you.