:   2021
:   109 minutes
:   Dutch
:   English
:   Netherlands
:   EK Films
:   Alliance Kasima, Recompance, Emile Akonkwa, Christel Musoko and Eminence
:   Feel Good

The Unbeliever is 2 a non-fictional film. That tries to shine a light on the life of a Christian believing person, once you are in heaven. What kind of turn would you give your life if you knew that this ultimately affects the afterlife? And what experiences will you have once you are in heaven? This is further explained in the bible, namely in the verse Revelation 25. All that pleasure that you experience on Earth with your friends and family can also be found in your spiritual life. Fun but at the same time also 100% attention and dedication to achieve the eternal life in heaven. We also call this: “The Time Has Come (Gods Word). Where Eminence Kasima portrays the spiritual story about the lives of a Christian once that person reaches heaven. Here he takes on the role of Godwin Jones in The Unbeliever 2

A Christian person often goes to church to offer and praise God and to read the verse of God from the Bible. This role play is played by Recompance Kasima. An Unbelief person is not interested in Religion and deals with other things in life that indicate his need. This role play is played by Emile Akonkwa.