Eminence Kasima is a film company founded in 2019. At EK Films we work on your weaknesses and turn them into strengths. In order to get best version of yourself. By acting in your own way.


At EK Films you will be well guided and help during the preparation and filming. Wherein you will have enough time to further develop your qualities. In order to be able to achieve your goals for the future.




Do your competences consist of being flexible, collaborative or empath. Then from the ages of 10 to 29 years old. You could become part of EK Films. You will even be able to sign up for the auditions for free. During the audition we will provide you with a movie script. Where you will get the opportunity to experience with some roleplay. Which will eventually be graded by the film director Eminence, who will judge the given assignment.


You will be looked after during the audition. During this time, we will highlight the qualities you master well and focus on the ones that need some improvement. This will be done together with the director Eminence. After you have followed all procedures of the audition program and your presentation went well. You will receive an email from Eminence within 1 week with the results. Which states if you passed and will be casted in the new movie.


EK Films is a known film company in The Hague. Thanks to the good service that EK Films offers to young people and adults. From research we have seen that the environment is satisfied with EK Films and our work. In doing so, the company is growing into an international film company. This makes EK Films eligible to enter into cooperation with various other film producers. Which will eventually upgrade the production work EK Films.


You will receive a bouquet of flowers + with a EK Films giftcard worth € 50,00 as a reward. For the BEST PERFORMS IN THE MOVIE. While acting in the movie. With a certificate of EK Films. You will get the access to build your movie experience in multiple places. Think about: Hollywood in California, theaters, commercial, television or festival. The work you will do with us will be a steppingstone for your career.